Best Vegetarian and Vegan Brunches in Madrid

Vegetarian and Vegan brunch lovers this is the list you’ve been waiting for! As you well know brunch is a thing here in Madrid, and you’ve probably noticed that most of the options are egg and meat heavy. Which means us plant-based people get left out of the brunch experience. There’s hope! I did the homework for all of us and ate my way across the city to find the best vegetarian and vegan brunches in Madrid to enjoy when you get that craving.

In addition to finding the best places that cater to us,  I’ve only focused on places that won’t cost an arm and a leg to eat your little green hearts out. You’ll be happy to see that the most expensive brunch on my list won’t cost you more than 16,10€. Come check out my 6 favorites below!

Restaurante Ojalá

Best Vegetarian and Vegan Brunches in Madrid

Where: Calle de San Andrés, 1
Metro: Tribunal
Price: 9,00 € – 13,00 €
Brunch hours: Every day from 10:00 am – 8:00 pm.
What to expect: This is my most favorite brunch spot! Food, ambiance, price, and presentation are all on point! Once you get past the crowd of people standing right in front of the entrance (waiting for a table) you’ll be met with Ojalá’s vibrant decor, a mesh of modern, retro, and…err.. greenhouse? You’ll see what I mean. If you’re in need of the perfect place to brunch with your meat-eating friends, this is it. Of the 8 distinct brunch menus they have, 3 are vegetarian. No vegan options.

Continental: coffee or infusion; fresh juice, beer, wine or soda; croissant; butter and homemade jam;  soft boiled egg; and a fruit salad.

Veggie: coffee or infusion; fresh juice, beer, wine or soda; mixed seed and raisin bread; caramelized onion and arugula frittata; hummus; cucumber, feta cheese and kalamata olive salad;  and yogurt with chia seeds, agave, berries.

World mix: coffee or infusion; fresh juice, beer, wine or soda; bread; hummus; guacamole; poached egg; arugula salad with parmesan; and a fruit salad.

What else?: Head downstairs to find Madrid’s only beach! Sitting on the shore of Ojalá is an entertaining spot to have a drink and dazzle your out-of-towners. This place is always busy so be ready to wait for a table (well worth the wait!) or just make a reservation online.


Le Pain Quotidien

Best Vegetarian and Vegan Brunches in Madrid

Where: Serrano 27, Gran Via 46, Velazquez 92, Fuencarral 95, Capitán Haya 26
Metro: Serrano, Callao, Nuñez de Balboa, Tribunal, Cuzco
Price: 16,10€ 
Brunch hours: All day every day!
What to expect: If you are familiar with La Madeleine in the U.S. then this international bakery-restaurant chain, with that same rustic French feel, will conjure up memories of country potato and tomato basil soup.  Of the 4 brunch menus to choose from, 1 is vegan and it’s da’bomb. 

Vegan Brunch:  coffee or tea; fresh squeezed orange juice or lemonade with minttabbouleh, guacamole, hummus, and arugula; organic bread and baguette; mini raspberry chia pudding; mini fresh fruit salad; and a vegan croissant.

What else?: In addition to Brunch, Le Pain Quotidien has a number of other plant-based friendly plates. I especially love their selection of power-packed salads. It’s also a great choice to get some work done if you’re in need of reliable internet, an outlet, and a place to sit for a few hours. My go-to locations are Fuencarral and Serrano.


Rayén Vegano

Best Vegetarian and Vegan Brunches in Madrid

Where: Calle Lope de Vega, 7
Metro: Antón Martín
Price: 10,50 – 13,50 
Brunch hours: Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 10:00 am – 12:15 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am – 12:15 pm. Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.  
What to expect: A small cozy vegan eatery that uses organic products. Their large healthy brunch plates are the perfect size to fill your belly without making you feel like you’re going to explode at the waist. They have 3 brunch options to choose from: small, medium, and large.

Brunch: coffee, tea, or infusion; juice; yogurt with granola, fruit and agave syrup; homemade bread with a selection of salsas, pates, and jelly; and a dessert.

Brunchito: coffee, tea, or infusion; juice; toasted homemade bread with 1 spread; yogurt with granola, fruit and agave syrup or scrambled tofu with potatoes.

Brunchito Verde: coffee, tea, or infusion; green smoothie of seasonal veggies and fruits; toasted homemade bread with two spreads.

What else?: This place is tiny so be sure to make a reservation. Plenty to choose from for gluten, soy, and nut free dishes. 


La Colectiva Café

Where: Calle Francisco de Rojas, 9
Metro: Bilbao
Price: 15
Brunch hours: Saturday and Sunday 11:00 am- 4:00 pm
What to expect: A 2-floor vegan cafe and bakery that has a bright and cozy upstairs and a spacious and studious downstairs. 

Vrunch: coffee or tea; fresh orange juice; vegan yogurt with homemade granola and seasonal fruit; and your choice between the pulled “pork” BBQ sandwich (jackfruit) or the scrambled tofu and mushrooms.

What else?: Substitute your coffee or tea for a matcha latte or chai masala for 1€ more. There is no table service, so order and pick-up your food at the counter. 


Pum Pum Cafe

Best Vegetarian and Vegan Brunches in Madrid

Where: Calle del Tribulete, 6
Metro: Lavapiés
Price: 10
Brunch hours: Saturday and Sunday all day long!
What to expect: A newish vegetarian restaurant in Lavapiés that has become a local and expat favorite. There used to be 3 brunches to choose from but now they’ve just got one, the Pum Pum Brunch, which can be served vegan as well.  

Pum Pum Brunch: coffee or tea; fresh orange juice; Greek yogurt with granola and fresh fruit (kiwi, bananas, and strawberries) topped with shredded coconut; small croissant;  eggs Benedict served on whole-wheat toast with avocado and topped with Pum Pum’s sauce and black sesame seeds. *vegan option available*

What else?: Pum Pum Cafe has a cozy vibe, but it’s tiny and de moda right now which means you’ll most likely have to wait for a table.  


Mür Café

Best Vegetarian and Vegan Brunches in Madrid

Where: Plaza Cristino Martos, 2
Metro: Ventura Rodriguez
Brunch times: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 11:00, 1:00 pm, or 3:00 pm
Price: 13€ – 15 
What to expect: If you love a Full English Breakfast and are in need of a hearty brunch then this is the place! I always go for the “Salado” below and as much as I want to, I can never finish my plate. Plan for a nap afterwards. 

Little Brunch Salado: coffee, tea, infusion or hot chocolate; fresh squeezed orange juice; eggs Benedict or a Full Vegetarian English Breakfast or a salad; yogurt with granola and jelly.

Little Brunch Dulce: coffee, tea, infusion or hot chocolate; fresh squeezed orange juice; basket of bread and pastries- scone with Mür cream and red fruit jelly, butter croissant, and toast (choice of jelly, homemade nutella, dulce de leche, crushed tomatoes or cream cheese); yogurt made with granola and jelly.

What else?: Make a reservation! If you want to splurge and feast, they have a 22 Brunch Completo which is a combo of the Little Brunch Salado and Little Brunch Dulce


La Encomienda

Best Vegetarian and Vegan Brunches in Madrid

Where: Calle Encomienda, 19
Metro: La Latina/Tirso de Molina
Brunch times: Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm
Price: 3,60€ – 14,60€
What to expect: A spacious organic vegan restaurant with a selection of light breakfasts and brunches on the menu. I had the Brunch Normal and was more than satisfied with the amount of food. I’m not sure how anyone can finish the Super Brunch.

El Expres: coffee or infusion; toast with avocado and cherry tomatoes + a small salad

El Goloso: coffee or infusion and the dessert of the day

El Mini Brunch: coffee or infusion; homemade smoothie; toast with avocado and cherry tomatoes + a small salad

Brunch Normal: coffee or infusion; homemade smoothie; toast with avocado and cherry tomatoes + a small salad; soy yogurt with chia seeds, fruit, and syrup; soup of the day

Super Brunch: coffee or infusion; homemade fruit smoothie; toast with cherry tomatoes + a small salad; soy yogurt with chia seeds, fruit, and syrup; soup of the day; and a main dish

What else?: Best to make a reservation. Great service. Also, they’ve got a bar! Try some organic wine, craft beer, carrot wine, or vermouth on tap.


We hope you enjoy all these brunches! Please let us know if you have a personal favorite that we should check out. 

4 thoughts on “Best Vegetarian and Vegan Brunches in Madrid

  1. You’ve got me craving brunch hardcore! It seems like LPQ is the best deal – even though it’s the most expensive it looks like you get a ton of food. I’m still craving like an all out American brunch with pancakes, french toast, sausages, hash browns, I can’t help it! Also I saw recently on some FB group that either Ojala or one of their sister restaurants now has vegan rancheros, but I didn’t see it on their menu. Will have to scope out that comment and report back, cuz that would be amazing.

    1. Now I’m craving an all American brunch! There has got to be one out there somewhere?? Yeah LPQ is one of the pricier brunches but it really is a good amount of food and oh so tasty. Let me know what you find out on the vegan rancheros, that would be divine. It’s 8 pm now and all I can think about it breakfast.

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