The Absolute Best Veggie Burgers in Madrid!

For all my plant-based people, do you know where to find the best veggie burgers in Madrid? You may not take Madrid for a city that has a thriving veggie burger scene, but as the demand for meatless options rises so do the offerings. Most of our vegan and vegetarian restaurants serve veggie burgers, but did you know that many hamburger joints are starting to offer plant-based options as well, and some of them are damn good. I should know, cause I’ve just about tried them all. I think I’ve scarfed down about 25 burgers in the name of research to bring my lovely readers this list. How did it fare? Well, some were just OK, the majority were not so good, and then there were those delectable burgers that tantalized my taste buds! Take a peek below and let me know what you think about my picks for the absolute best veggie burgers in Madrid.


Absolute Best Veggie Burgers in Madrid


Viva Burger

Best Veggie Burgers in Madrid

Where: Costanilla de San Andrés 16

Metro: La Latina

Price: 13,50

What to expect: 11 different vegan burgers to choose from! Their handmade patties are comprised of vegetables, mushrooms, oats, peanuts, and apples, topped off with their special sauce (a mix of soy, mustard, pickles, and oil) and served on a homemade bun. The “Arabe” burger is made with a falafel based patty. All burgers include tomato, lettuce, onion, cucumber, and a small side of potato wedges. The wedges are scrumptious and the vegan mayo that accompanies them is addictive, to say the least.

What else: If you ask around for the best veggie burger in Madrid most people will point you to Viva Burger. This place doesn’t disappoint. The restaurant is located in the beautiful Plaza de Paja, a popular square in the vibrant and charming neighborhood of La Latina. You’ll find both indoor and outdoor seating here, I always try to snag a seat in the plaza if I can. They also offer a Menu Viva Burger which is their menu del dia (a weekday lunch special) that includes a soup or salad, a burger, potato wedges, a drink, and dessert or coffee, for only 11,50€! They offer a lot more than burgers too, take a look at their menu. By the way, for all my old skoolers, does anyone remember when this place used to be Viva la Vida??


Loving Hut

Where: Calle de los Reyes 11

Metro: Plaza de Espana

Price: 7,00€ without french fries or 8,00€ with french fries

What to expect: A good ole fashioned burger, like the ones you grew up on…except, without the meat. A traditional golden-yellow hamburger bun sprinkled with sesame seeds, a soy and vegetable patty (contains gluten), and all the typical garnishes: lettuce, tomato, mayo (vegan), cheese (vegan), and a side of fries. Nothing original or experimental, just plain delicious.

What else:  If you ask me where to find the best traditional veggie burger in town, I’ll point you to Loving Hut. This is my top pick for a standard veggie burger in Madrid. It’s located just a short walk from the iconic and ultra hipster neighborhood of Malasana and steps away from Plaza de Espana. The restaurant has a bright and casual atmosphere and a big plus is that the staff are very attentive and provide great table service. If you come from a country that has great customer service you will sooooooo appreciate this. In addition to their veggie burger, they have a large menu to choose from and a menu del dia. Fun fact: Loving Hut is actually an international vegan restaurant chain; each location is locally owned and offers a distinct menu but their mission is the same: to provide delicious and affordable vegan food to the world. Pro tip: Closed on Mondays. 


Anauco Gourmet

Where: Calle Reina 25 and Paseo del General Martínez Campos 40

Metro: Near Gran Via/Chueca/Sevilla/Banco de Espana, and also at Ruben Dario

Price: 7,50€ for the medium (110 grams)  and 9,50€ for the large (180 grams)

What to expect:  A soft, fluffy, and divine bun holds this tasty falafel based patty. The burger is topped with cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, pickles, tomato, arugula, and Anauco’s special sauce; a typical Venezuelan creamy garlic-cilantro delight. It comes with a side of perfectly cooked hand-cut fries. Hands down this is the most flavorful burger I’ve had in Madrid. That sauce will put a spell on you! They recently added a lentil based burger, the Letty Burger, to their menu. I was invited to try it out but haven’t been able to lock down a visit yet. Let me know how it is!

What else: They’ve got gluten free buns! For a burger joint that focuses on meat, they make a killer veggie burger. The flavors were so mouthwatering that I continued to take bite after bite even though my stomach was begging me to stop. Surprisingly not many people know of Anauco and even less know about their wicked veggie burger. Their central location is on a quiet side street in Chueca right behind Gran Via. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere and a menu that reminds me of something you might find at an alternative chain restaurant in the U.S. In addition to burgers they also offer appetizers, salads, homemade desserts, a kids menu, cocktails, wine, and beer. Menu.


Goiko Grill

Best Veggie Burgers in Madrid

Where: 14 locations in Madrid!

Metro: Sevilla/Sol, Antón Martín, Plaza de España, Noviciado, Bilbao, Iglesia, Gregorio Maranon, Cuatro Caminos, Santiago Bernabeu, Velazquez, Ventura Rodríguez, Lista, Cuzco/Colombia, Metropolitano

Price: 8,50+ extras/toppings

What to expect: A soft and scrumptious vegan patty that is made from couscous, garbanzo, and vegetables. You can substitute this vegan patty on any of their countless gourmet hamburgers or you can create your own custom burger. They have a large list of extras which include sauces, cheese, and toppings such as avocado, jalapeños, caramelized onions, and lots lots more. All burgers come with homemade “patatas rusticas”- potato wedges sprinkled with their special seasoning. They are perfect, “crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.” To. die. for. The patty is savory and unique and the hamburger buns are delicious, made by artisan bakers. Gluten free bread also available.

What else: Service is on point! I’ve been to a few locations and the staff has always been very helpful, happy, and welcoming. The atmosphere always lively. Interestingly, Goiko Grill was started by a Venezuelan medical doctor of Basque origin, who “ditched his white robe for an apron.” That was in 2013, and just this year Goiko Grill has expanded to its first location outside Madrid, to Barcelona. The menu is influenced by Spanish and Venezuelan cuisine, and in addition to the standard offerings, each location has its own unique burger – one that was created by a waiter or cook from that specific location. Conveniently, they also take online reservations.


Pum Pum Cafe

Where: Calle del Tribulete 6

Metro: Lavapiés

Price: 9,00€

What to expect: A filling burger! This seitan based veggie burger, is topped with arugula, tomato, pickles, mozzarella and a poached egg. All served with a side of cauliflower and tomatoes. Pum Pum is known for their eggs Benedict so it’s no surprise that they top their veggie burger with their specialty.

What else: Pum Pum is a vegetarian restaurant that incorporates organic products into all of their dishes. They are located in Madrid’s most multicultural and alternative neighborhood, Lavapies. The cafe is small, cozy, and popular with expats and locals. Expect to wait for a table. Pum Pum offers vegan and gluten-free options, pride themselves on their coffee, and serve an all-day everyday brunch. Check out my post on the Best Vegetarian and Vegan Brunches in Madrid to read all about it.



Best Veggie Burger Madrid

Where: Calle de Lira 8

Metro: Conde de Casal

Price: 9,50€ -15,00

What to expect: The most unique variety of veggie (vegan) burgers in the city, or as they call them “vurgers.” I’ve only tried the Platano Burger, which is a massive chunk of deliciousness. It’s a sweet and savory lentil based burger topped with a variety of greens, cabbage, carrots and homemade mayo. In place of a traditional bun, this burger is served between two large tostones (fried plantain slices). I dare you to finish this one! Some of their other burgers are the Italian Burger, eggplant and quinoa base, topped with arugula, fresh tomatoes, tomato sauce and pesto and the Arepa Burger, a corn based arepa bun, lentil burger, topped with avocado, and fresh tomato. There’s also a rice, bean, and soy based burger.

What else: Cookaluzka is 100% vegan and offers creative handmade dishes that are delicious and affordable. The owner is of Italian-Venezuelan origins and you can see the South American-Mediterranean influence on the menu. In addition to burgers, they serve breakfast, salads, appetizers, desserts and a menu del dia. Every Friday they have a “Viernes Vegan Vurger” menu del dia which includes a burger, drink, bread, and coffee/tea/or dessert for 12€. Cookaluzka is located near the Retiro park in the residential Estrella neighborhood. It’s a quiet and casual restaurant with a few tables and a large bar. Pro tip: Closed Sundays.


Home Burger Bar

Where: Calle del Espíritu Santo, 12,  Calle de Silva 25, and Castellana 210

Metro: Santo Domingo/Callao, Tribunal, and Plaza de Castilla

Price: 12,50

What to expect: A falafel based burger and a vegetarian club sandwich, the latter isn’t exactly a veggie burger but it’s tasty enough to be worth mentioning. The falafel burger is homemade and comes with 3 falafels topped with hummus, lettuce, tomato, onion, and a hint of honey served on a hamburger bun. It comes with a side of fries and coleslaw. You also have the option of substituting any of the meat-based burgers for a large falafel patty. The vegetarian club sandwich is comprised of slices of avocado, tomato, zucchini, onion, lettuce, goats cheese, and mustard on ciabatta bread, served with a side of fries.

What else: Home Burger Bar is designed with the nostalgic ambiance of a simple American diner – green and red vinyl booths, swivel bar stools, and metal edged tables. They have been around for 10+ years and specialize in gourmet burgers. They try to use all organic products, source their vegetables from suppliers in the neighborhood and use recycled materials as much as they can. On the menu, you can also find salads, appetizers, and desserts. 



Where: Calle Ballesta 13

Metro: Gran Via

Price: 4,50€ – 6,50€

What to expect: A variety of vegan burgers topped with lettuce, tomato, soy cheese, and grilled onions. Their burgers include the Traditional – soy and gluten protein; B13 – beans, seitan, oats, and rice; Chicken Style – breaded soy and gluten protein; and The Gourmet – soy without gluten protein on wheat bread. I tried the Traditional and it was yummy.  

What else: You can think of B13 as the mecca of vegan “junk food.” Their menu is full of fried food and meat substitutes. In addition to burgers, they serve appetizers, Spanish tapas, sandwiches, vegan hot dogs and kebabs (and chicken fried steak?!), desserts. Check out their menu. A tiny and popular place that focuses on food, not decor – think dive bar diner, and often has a line out the door. The portions are large, the prices are unbeatable, and the food is delish. Pro tip: it’s a cash only place and they are closed on Monday and Tuesday.


Punto Vegano

Best Veggie Burger Madrid

Where: Calle Luisa Fernanda 27

Metro: Ventura Rodriguez/Plaza de Espana

Price: 8,50

What to expect: Three types of burgers, all topped with greens, tomato, shredded carrots, alioli sauce, and vegan cheese; a side of french fries or salad; and a glass of homemade lemonade. Their organic quinoa burger is made in house; their other 2 burgers are an organic red lentil and chia patty and an organic tofu, brown rice, and mushroom patty.

What else: This little restaurant has all the charm of an intimate bistro. Located near Templo de Debod it’s easy to miss, but just keep an eye out for the “French cafe furniture,” a small white table and chairs, outside. This place fills up fast so it’s suggested to book ahead. On the menu, you will also find appetizers, salads, sandwiches, soups, homemade spinach ravioli (on Thursdays and Sundays), desserts, and a menu del dia for 8,50. Pro tip: Closed on Mondays. 



Best Veggie Burger Madrid

Where: Calle de San Joaquín 16

Metro: Ventura Rodriguez/Plaza de Espana

Price: 8,00

What to expect: A homemade garbanzo based patty topped with mixed greens, tomato, and chipotle mayo that gives this burger a kick, all on a seed and oat covered bun. This burger comes with a side of chips (as in crisps) and a small scoop of salsa roja for dipping. 

What else: Naif is located in the heart of Malasaña on the corner of Plaza de San Ildefonso. It’s a hipster joint and is popular for their meat-based burgers. Don’t let that stop you! They have outdoor seating in the plaza which is perfect for people watching and cozy indoor seating under low lighting; both of which fill up fast. In addition to their veggie burger, you’ll find appetizers, salads, wraps, sandwiches, and desserts



Where: Calle de Manuela Malasaña, 11

Metro: Bilbao

Price: 10,90

What to expect: A whole lot of yum! There are 2 burgers to choose from at Superchulo: the Miss Burger and the Mr. Burger. Let’s start with the Mr. Burger since that is the one I tried. This is a beet, carrot, and soy based patty that is topped with pickles, tomato, mixed greens, onion jam, barbecue sauce, and homemade vegan alioli. It’s all held together on a fluffy hamburger bun and served with a side of potato wedges that are cooked to perfection in a stone oven. The Miss Burger is made with Heura, which is a vegan vegetable protein. I’m not a huge fan of Heura, as the taste and texture are all too similar to that of chicken, however, I still suggest you try this stuff out for yourself. It’s pretty cool. This Heura burger is topped with grilled halloumi cheese, creole sauce, guacamole, sun-dried tomatoes, and olives with a side of grilled vegetables.

What else: This is one of Malasaña’s latest vegetarian restaurants and it’s quickly becoming one of the trendiest. They offer a variety of international foods from nachos to Vietnamese rolls to lasagne. Also on the menu are appetizers, soups, salads, pasta, pizza, and a handful of main dishes, desserts, as well as gluten-free and vegan options. The colorful, cozy and sunlit atmosphere makes dining here an extremely pleasant experience. Plus the service makes you feel so welcome! Happy, friendly, and fast staff. What more could you ask for?


Whatcha think of the list? Did I miss any of your favorite veggie burgers?

3 thoughts on “The Absolute Best Veggie Burgers in Madrid!

  1. Sanissimo (Malasaña) has the BEST veggie/vegan burgers without trying to be a hamburger. Pretty sure even their buns are vegan made of a quinoa base which is nearly impossible to find anywhere else. How did they not make the cut?! Excited to try these others!

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by. Sanissimo was definitely one of the 25+ places I tried. They were actually one of the first veggie burgers I tried when I moved here. I’ve tried all three of their burgers and few times each….although I liked them they just didn’t wow me. I’m interested in hearing with other favorites out there didn’t make the Wanderlicious cut. Thanks for letting me know about the buns, I didn’t realize they were a vegan quinoa base. Hope you enjoy trying all the others on the list!

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