Spice Shop Madrid

My Favorite Spice Shop in Madrid

Do you love to cook? Or maybe just like to eat? Whichever camp you’re in, you know that the addition of a few selected spices can elevate what’s on your plate and transform a bland dish into a mouthwatering culinary creation.

Today I’m going to introduce you to my favorite spice shop in Madrid. The perfect place to buy seasonings from all over the world. I stopped buying spices at the grocery store a while back and thought I was getting the most bang for my buck by buying them at traditional food stores around the city. Until I discovered a little spice shop in Malasaña. Black Pepper & Co. Continue reading “My Favorite Spice Shop in Madrid”

Best Cafés with Free Unlimited Wifi in Madrid

10 Best Cafes with Free Unlimited Wifi in Madrid

Here it is. For those of you who have been looking for the perfect place to get some work done online, this is your guide to the 10 best cafes with free unlimited wifi in Madrid! How many times have you rolled up with your productive self to a cafe, ready to work and seize the day? Only to sit down, order your drink, and then discover that you’ve gotta get back up and find a new place to get that work done. Maybe the weefee is super slow, or maybe it’s just not working that day, or even worse the cafe has a wifi time limit. In any case, ain’t nobody got time for that. Continue reading “10 Best Cafes with Free Unlimited Wifi in Madrid”

Best Vegetarian and Vegan Brunches in Madrid

Best Vegetarian and Vegan Brunches in Madrid

Vegetarian and Vegan brunch lovers this is the list you’ve been waiting for! As you well know brunch is a thing here in Madrid, and you’ve probably noticed that most of the options are egg and meat heavy. Which means us plant-based people get left out of the brunch experience. There’s hope! I did the homework for all of us and ate my way across the city to find the best vegetarian and vegan brunches in Madrid to enjoy when you get that craving. Continue reading “Best Vegetarian and Vegan Brunches in Madrid”


Lateral – Traditional and Modern Spanish Vegetarian in Madrid

If you’ve spent an extended amount of time in Madrid then you’ve probably heard of Lateral. A tried and true restaurant where you can enjoy traditional and modern Spanish vegetarian bites in a stylish atmosphere and at an affordable price. If Lateral is new to your ears, then you are in for a treat because this polished oldie-but-goodie is fitting for any time of day, company of choice, dietary need, or mood. Continue reading “Lateral – Traditional and Modern Spanish Vegetarian in Madrid”


La Feria! – A 2017 Guide to Andalucia’s Top 5 Ferias

If you are familiar with Spain then you know that these people know how to party! Spain’s rich culture and traditions can be experienced year round in celebrations all around the country: San Fermín, la Tomatina, Carnaval, Las Fallas, Semana Santa, just to name a few. I’ve been to many of them and was mesmerized by them all, but there is only one festival that captivates me, that gets my heart beating, butterflies swirling, and palms sweating year after year and it’s “la Feria” of Andalucia.   Continue reading “La Feria! – A 2017 Guide to Andalucia’s Top 5 Ferias”

Perisan Food Madrid

Vegetarian Persian Food in Madrid at Banibanoo

Spanish cuisine is often held in high regard worldwide, and although there is more to it than jamón serrano and tapas, I’m just not the biggest fan…and I live in Spain. Blasphemy! Sure there are some great plates, but as a vegetarian and lover of “exotic” flavors, I find the selection is limited in veggies and abundant in meats and simple flavors.  Coming from Houston, dubbed “America’s newest capital of great food” by Food and Wine magazine, we are fortunate to have access to an endless variety of high-quality flavorful food from around the world: Mexican, Colombian, Cuban, Indian, Ethiopian, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Persian, the list goes on and on. All providing many vegetarian options. The variety isn’t as ubiquitous here in Madrid, but great options do exist and one of my favorites is Banibanoo. Persian food in Madrid. Plant-based people, you are gonna love this! Continue reading “Vegetarian Persian Food in Madrid at Banibanoo”

juices and smoothies

Juices and Smoothies in Madrid for 2.50€ and under!

Coming from Austin, Texas, one of the juice and smoothie capitals of the U.S.A., I was spoiled with the variety of local options right at my doorstep. Since I’ve been here I haven’t been enjoying as many juices and smoothies in Madrid as I would like, and not for lack of options. We have a number of places to choose from in the city, however, I usually feel like I’ve spent a bit too much money for a blend of basic fruits and vegetables that I can make at home. Check out my last post kicking the new year into high gear, for tips on making your own smoothies. If I’m gonna pay for a delicious and healthy delight I want to make sure I’m getting my money’s worth. Luckily I’ve uncovered 2 places in the city center that offer a liquid fix for 2.50€ or less! Continue reading “Juices and Smoothies in Madrid for 2.50€ and under!”

Vegetarian Asian Food in Madrid – Barrio Malasana

Today we’re hanging around Malasaña and covering my picks for vegetarian Asian food in Madrid. If you’re not familiar with Malasaña, you only need a few minutes to stroll through this trendy and vibrant neighborhood to realize that it’s the hipster hangout of the city –coffee shops, hairdressers, mustaches, bicycles and chihuahuas on every corner. It’s also an area with a variety of international foods, many of which offer plant-based options. If you like Asian food, or Asian “inspired” food, and need a quick vegetarian bite then keep reading to discover the tempting flavors and substantial portions offered at these Asian food restaurants.

Continue reading “Vegetarian Asian Food in Madrid – Barrio Malasana”