Vegetarian Venezuelan Fast Food – Arepa Olé

My taste buds are so happy to have been recently introduced to Arepa Olé, a Venezuelan fast food chain that serves vegetarian options in Madrid. If you like South American flavors, comfort food, and affordable prices, then this is the place for you! Being half Colombian, I often crave the simple yet flavorful goodies from my grandmother’s kitchen: black beans, fried plantains, arepas, tostones, corn, and avocados. Salivating as I write! Luckily all these flavors can be found in Venezuelan food too and on Arepa Olé’s menu. My recommendation is to order as a take-away treat, sit on your couch, watch some Netflix and have a gluttonous old time! Reminder this is not healthy food but it is vegetarian Venezuelan fast food at its finest! Continue reading “Vegetarian Venezuelan Fast Food – Arepa Olé”