Complete Guide to Vegetarian and Vegan Blogs and Groups in Madrid

Hello, newbies to Madrid, locals, and long-timers! If you are looking for a vegetarian or vegan community in this city, well then look no further because I’ve got you covered with my Complete  Guide to Vegetarian and Vegan Blogs and Groups in Madrid. It might shock some that the jamón capital of Spain also has a burgeoning community of plant-based people, and far more options of restaurants, markets, and grocery stores than you might think. So whether you’re a plant-based eater or just like eating plants from time-to-time, following these Vegetarian and Vegan Blogs and Groups in Madrid will keep you in the know!

Vegetarian & Vegan Blogs


Wanderlicious – Vegetarian

Wanderlicious is my blog! My name is Cepee, rhymes with “Peppy.” I’m a 30-something vegetarian from Houston, Texas who now resides in Madrid. Two years ago I decided to quit my job, say goodbye to my cush life, and make the leap back to Madrid to see if I could build a life here again. So far, so good. I started this blog not long after moving here to highlight all the delicious vegetarian food I was discovering in the city. I like to point out that I not only cover vegetarian and vegan restaurants but also non-veg restaurants that serve plant-based foods. I write a lot about international foods – Persian, Ethiopian, Asian, Tex-Mex – as well as some of your favorites such as Brunch and Burgers! Other than eating, I’m also addicted to traveling, new experiences, running, zenning out, and exploring the gray areas of life.  Follow me on Facebook and Instagram


Alternative Travelers  – Vegan

Alternative Travelers is run by Sam and Veren, a vegan couple from New York who have made Madrid their home, for now at least. I’m lucky enough to call them my friends and love learning all about the delectable, alright, and missable vegan offerings they discover and uncover in Madrid. They are THE vegan experts of Madrid and recently shared all their plant-based knowledge of the city in their Ultimate Vegan Guide to Madrid. They are also advocates of slow-travel on a budget and have a wealth of experience in housesitting and have created quite a few Vegan City Guides from their travels in the U.S. and Europe.  Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


Green Living Spain – Vegan

Green Living Spain was created by Charlotte, who is from the south of England, lived in Madrid, and has recently moved to Barcelona. Upon moving to Madrid she found vegan and gluten-free places few and far between, so she started writing down all the places she came across that supported the green lifestyle. She decided to share her discoveries in a blog for all of us to enjoy. In addition to posts on vegetarian and vegan eats in Madrid and Barcelona, she also covers fashion, zero waste, sustainable, fairtrade, and gluten-free places. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 


Madrid Vegano – Vegan

Madrid Vegano is the OG of vegan blogs in Madrid. Starting in 2015, this Spanish and English site is a guide to vegan food and philosophy in Madrid. You can find posts on restaurants, vegan routes by neighborhood, and where to shop for beauty and fashion products. Additionally, Madrid Vegano covers ethics and animal rights and keeps their finger on the pulse of activism and events in Madrid.



Vegetarian & Vegan Facebook Groups

This is a comprehensive list of Facebook groups that cover vegetarian and vegan food in Madrid. While there are quite a few, the majority are not very active or terribly helpful, but I decided to include them all so you can see what exists out there. I recommend joining the first four groups listed.

Vegan 4Life Madrid

A small but mighty group. Their Facebook description “For those of you who feel alone, I’m here to say you’re NOT!! In a city that is numb to the hanging pig legs, we must unite! The purpose of this group is to share ideas, experiences and to organize meet-ups. The vegan journey never ends as there is always so much more to learn in regards to nutrition and advocacy. Join our group and share with your vegan friends too 🙂 Cheers!” This is an active group with a lot of recommendations, findings, and questions about vegan Madrid. English. 100 members.

Vegetarianos y Véganos en Madrid

This group has recently been brought to my attention. It’s a massive group and a place where you can connect with plant-based people in Madrid. Share information related to vegetarian and vegan restaurants, shops, events, recipes, etc. Spanish. 8,900 members.

Eat Out Madrid

While Eat Out Madrid is not a vegetarian or vegan based page, it is a very active community of food lovers who review, recommend, and inquire about all types of cuisines and restaurants in Madrid. Leave your two cents, ask a question or search the group, there is always someone asking for and recommending plant-based places in the city. English. Almost 3,000 members.

Vegan Ventures in Madrid

This is a pretty active group and is “for anyone interested in checking out the vegan scene in Madrid!” You can inquire about where to buy specific items, what restaurants to check out, and view photos and reviews on vegan places in Madrid. English. 150 members.

Eat Healthy Madrid

The group description is “For vegetarians, vegans, and overall those who are living a healthy lifestyle or want to be! Plans include potlucks, social gatherings, picnics, lunches, and dinners. Goal is to try as many healthy restaurants as possible in Madrid.” It’s not a highly active group but you can find some solid information here. English. 261 members.

Veggie Madrid

As per their Facebook description “Veggie Madrid is a welcoming space for all veggies, vegans, pescatarians or anyone considering giving up meat! It’s a friendly spot where people can share advice, recommendations, and recipes for a meat-free menu. Please be kind, and don’t judge.” The group hasn’t been as active as it once was but still feel free to share your veggie food experiences or ask for plant-based advice. English. 250 members.

Quedadas Veganas en Madrid

The group was created our of Vegetarianos y Véganos en Madrid (mentioned above). It’s a group for vegans and vegetarians who want to get together and meet like-minded people. The page is used to organize get-togethers and post about events. They specifically state not to promote your blog or spam about animals in need of adoption.     

Vegan City Madrid

This group is about everything vegan that is going on in Madrid: events, meetups, concerts, festivals, groups, food, stores and business, and protests. While I find it a bit spammy, they do seem to post about a lot of events and happenings in Madrid. English and Spanish. 1,100 members.

Vegetarian Madrid

I’m not actually sure what is going on with this group. Their description says they are here “to educate, amuse, enlighten and confuse Spanish people about a healthy, happy, vegetarian lifestyle!” However, they were supposed to shut down October 2016 and start fresh as Planeta Veggie. But there hasn’t been much movement on either site since then. English and Spanish. 43 members.



Vegetarian/Vegan Facebook Page


If you are familiar with the grocery store Mercadona and fortunate enough to live near one then this is the page for you! On this page you’ll find information about all the plant-based products at Mercadona. Seitan, chocolate mousse, edamame, veggie burgers, ice cream, etc.



Vegetarian/Vegan Website

Happy Cow

If you don’t know Happy Cow, then you are in for a real treat. This is a guide to vegetarian + vegan restaurants and natural health food stores around the world. There are 128 places listed in Madrid, so go wild and check them out and try them all. You’ll find reviews, hours of operation, phone numbers, and a mini description of what each place offers. Happy Cow also has information on nutrition, veganism, vegan recipes, healthy cooking, and more! A bonus is that you can use Happy Cow wherever you are in the world!


I hope you found my Complete Guide to Vegetarian and Vegan Blogs and Groups in Madrid helpful! If I’ve left anyone off the list please let me know. 

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