My Top 3 Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking Classes in Madrid

Plant-based people, do you like to cook? I hope so, because I’ve done a bit of research to find the most appealing Vegetarian and Vegan cooking classes in Madrid. Whether you know your way around the kitchen, or not, these classes below are a fun way to learn something new about plant-based cooking, meet new people, and maybe even work on your Spanish skills. I’ve hand-picked 3 unique places that not only offer delicious dishes, but also quality ingredients with a fun atmosphere.  

Mamá Kokore

Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking Classes
Vegan Ravioli – Image by Mamá Kokore

For the largest selection of plant-based cooking classes look no further than Mamá Kokore. This vegan and gluten-free bakery was founded by 3 ladies, Bea, Irene, and Elena in 2015. Mamá Kokore is a 3-in-one shop: bakery, store and event center. You can purchase their sweet and savory delights that are made in-house along with grocery items including flour, grains, natural sweeteners, gluten-free pasta and more. They aspire to meet the needs of those with food allergies and intolerances by ensuring all their products are organic and free of animal products, soy, additives, and refined sugars.

They hold weekly cooking classes and workshops on site. They were kind enough to invite me to join them for their Nut Cheese Workshop. 100% recommendable!

Where: Germán Pérez Carrasco, 48

Metro: Pueblo Nuevo

Price: 30€-100€

What to expect: Professional cooking workshops hosted by Mama Kokore and other “experts” in the community. The classes vary in length and size. There are so many options such as, Vegan Japanese, Vegan Hamburgers, Raw Nut Cheese, Gluten-free bread and more! Check out upcoming classes here

What else: Classes and workshops are held in Spanish. For more information contact Mama Kokore at or +34 910 127 277.


Bunny’s Deli

Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking Classes
Image by Bunny’s Deli

Bunny’s Deli started off as a vegan recipe blog called “One Green Bunny” by professional chef Monta, from Latvia. I remember checking out her blog and soon noticed that she expanded by offering cooking classes at her home. Shortly after, Monta opened Bunny’s Deli, a brick and mortar deli in Madrid, which serves “vegan, organic, artisanal” foods. Check out the full menu here.

Bunny’s Deli still offers vegan cooking classes, now on site at their Chueca location.

Where: Calle San Gregorio 17

Metro: Chueca

Price: 39€  

What to expect: The hands-on cooking classes run 2-hours long, include a welcome drink, full-vegan meal, recipes, and a thank you gift. Classes are limited to 5-8 people.  Their classes are held in English or Spanish, depending on the preference of the group. The two classes offered are the Basics of Vegan Cooking and Alternatives in Vegan Cooking.

Basics of Vegan Cooking
Learn easy-to-make nutritious, delicious, creative & healthy 100% vegan recipes for your family and friends. You’ll make: Fava & herb cream tapa on homemade raw seed cracker, raw vegan lasaña with smoky sun-dried tomato & raw cashew parmesan, raw avocado & almond pie or other seasonal desserts.

Alternatives in Vegan Cooking
Learn to make classical meals by using only vegan ingredients as dairy, meat and egg substitutions. You’ll make: Fresh herbed vegan cheese zucchini rolls, aged smoky cashew cheese, vegan walnut & red bean meatballs with zucchini pasta & roasted tomato sauce, cashew vanilla cheesecake or other seasonal desserts.

What else: Bunny’s Deli can also be hired to cater events as well as give individual, small group, off-site, advanced, or private chef services by special request. Contact or call +34 689 967 588 for more information.


Cocinando con Sol

Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking Classes
Image by Cocinando con Soul

Cocinando con Sol is new on the cooking class scene in Madrid. Isaac, a former vegan, runs the veg and non-veg classes. While he still eats meat again he mostly cooks vegan at home and periodically offers vegetarian and vegan classes.

A bit about Cocinando con Sol in his own words:  “The idea behind Cocinando con Soul is to learn how to cook different things, especially things that people might find intimidating, but to do it in a relaxed, social setting while breaking bread and creating community. Using food to learn about different cultures and to find common ground. As an African-American, Cocinando con Soul represents my culinary point of view (soul food), but we really have an international flair to our food. We do dishes from all over the world. So Cocinando con Soul really means cooking with flavor, passion, creativity, and cooking with your senses. “

Where: Calle San Graciano,1

Metro: Legazpi/Plaza Eliptica

Price: 25€-35€

What to expect: Classes run about 3 hours which includes food prep and time for eating. Most classes include a 3-course meal, paired with an appropriate beverage. All classes start with tapas and aperitivos as an icebreaker before the cooking begins. Recently Isaac had a Vegan BBQ class. I wish I could have made it! Listen to how good it sounded: a guacamole aperitif, roasted herbed potatoes with chipotle aioli, and bbq pulled “pork” and coleslaw, and brownies for dessert. Book your class here

What else: Classes can be held in English or Spanish. Make sure to check the menu to ensure it’s a vegan or vegetarian cooking class. For more info contact Isaac at,


Have you tried any of these cooking classes? Let me know what you think!

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